Litter I

5 beautiful puppies were born from Happy on 27/01/2009:

dapple male - Idée Fixe Onyx Moravia - owner Štefan Merjavý
dapple male - Innocent In Disguise Onyx Moravia - owner Simona and Oto Langovi
dapple female - Indica Snow White Onyx Moravia - owner Rudolf Rabas, kennel "z Hradu Homolka"
dapple female - Identical Image Onyx Moravia - owner Zdeňka Králová
black/tan female - In Vogue Onyx Moravia - owner Jiří Mokrý

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Parents of the puppies are:
Happy Draco Malfoy
Happy Feet Onyx Moravia

Draco Malfoy Pro-Euro
3x CAJC, 3x CAC, 2x CACIB, National winner, BOB 
BZH I. prize (216 points) 


God, what did you bring here!?!

Don't come near me!!

Love was mutual from the very beginning :-)

Wedding photo at last! :-)


Draco Malfoy Pro-Euro