My love for animals started to grow in my early childhood, I wished to have a dog, I dear say, since my birth. After I owned several mice and hamsters and mainly after my long-lasting persuading my parents, I was finally allowed to have a dog, when I was 10 years old. After proper studying many kynological books, we decided to buy a smoothhaired dachshund - for his size, coat care or for his character. We managed to buy a standard-sized black and tan dachshund without pedigree, and we gave him name Flip.

Flip - 2 years  Flip - 6 years  Flip

He came into our family in August 1988 as a 7 weeks old puppy and spent a beautiful life of 13 years with us. Since then, me and my family fell in love with his unique dachshund character.

In 1999, I decided to buy my first pedigree dachshund, but in the smaller version - miniature or kaninchen.

After a long time of searching I met the breeder Eva Zalesakova - Safrankova from Brno (kennel „Saffron Gold“) and I fell in love with her three miniature dachsie ladies at once.

One of them (Franny Aischa) was just expecting puppies, so I booked a puppy from her. But unfortunatelly no girl was born in her litter and so Eva directed me to the breeder of her Franny - Mr. Chvojka - and luckily he had puppies for sale at the moment to my pleasure and what more - from the same parents as Franny was, from sire Ch. Germandachs Mestoffeles and dam Ch. Andy Aischa.

On 13 November 1999, we drove to the small village Tisice by Melnik to the kennel „Aischa“, where we could choose from two cute puppy girls. I fell for the smaller and the dashing one immediately – Lassie Aischa (alias Derry).

Derry - 3 months  Derry - 3 months Derry

In 2000, we got a unique offer to import a non-relative female from Hungary. Well, we didn´t hesitate long and drove to the kennel „Kisjeszeni“ of Miklos Jeszenszky and returned with 8 weeks old puppy on 22 July 2000 - Kisjeszeni Rommy (alias Stefi).

Stefi - 2 months Stefi - 2 months Stefi

I managed to fulfill all breeding conditions of both females during 2001 and apply for registration of my kennel. We lived to see their first puppies in 2002.

Both Derry and Stefi were doing great on shows as well as on working field during 2000 - 2003.

Kaninchen Derry became Champion CZ, SK, LUX and she finished her show "career" by obtaining the title of Interchampion.  She was working well on her trial exams - she passed the Bloodtrack hunting trials, Bloodtrack trials and Club bloodtrack trials. She came the first in the Dachshund working trial cup in 2001.

Derry on the Club dye trials  Derry on the Club dye trials Derry 

Derry´s first puppies were born in Spring 2002 (A litter *09/03/2002) - 2 males - Aristoteles Black and Archimedes Black from sire ICh. Sultan v.d. Karlshofer Wiese.

Archimedes and Aristoteles - 7 weeks  Archimedes - 7 weeks A litter

Derry´s  2nd litter (C litter) was born on 15/06/2003, from the Polish sire Ich. Sasquehanna Golfista. A boy and a girl were born in this litter - Cassius Clay was exported to Slovakia and Cassiopea´s Crazy lives in CZ, she passed the Fox den trials in 2004.

C litter - 4 weeks  Cassiopea - 3 months C litter

In Derry´s 3rd litter (D litter *13/03/2004), from sire Ch. Greit Chance Spektrum, one girl was born - kaninchen Déjà Vu Onyx Moravia (alias Žofka) - she has stayed in my co-ownership. She is now a brood bitch and passed the Bloodtrack trials in the 1st prize. She got CAJC SK, CAJC PL and the title Regional winner in 2004. Her first puppies (G litter - 3 boys) - were born on 21/03/2006 from sire Ch. Grandgables Onyx Obsession. Žofka's second litter (CH litter *29/01/2008 - 2 girls) was born from sire Ch. Exclusive Edition of Onyx Moravia.

Zofka - 7 weeks Žofka Zofka and Derry  Žofka and Derry

G litter CH litter

I kept one girl from CH litter in my co-ownership - Cherchez La Femme Onyx Moravia. She is now a brood bitch and passed the Bloodtrack trials in the 2nd prize. She got 2x CAC and Regional winner in 2009.


This female gave birth to litter M on 5.6.2010 from Pannoniadachs Bonsai. There were born 3 puppies in the litter - 1 red brindle male, 1 red brindle female and 1 red female.

M litter

The brindle female - My Melancholy Blues Onyx Moravia - is a brood bitch in the kennel "z Horácova domku".

But back to the second grounding female of our kennel - miniature Stefi became Juniorchampion CZ, SK, Champion CZ, SK, LUX and also got the high title of Interchampion. She did great at the working field as well - she passed the Bloodtrack trials, Fox den trials and Club Bloodtrack contest successfully.

Stefi - 1 year  Stefi on the Club dye trials Stefi

In her first and unfortunatelly at the same time last litter from sire Ch. Greit Chance Spektrum (B litter - *02/05/2002) 4 beautiful puppies - 2 boys and 2 girls were born.

Blackberry, Blackjack, Bugatti Black, Black Bentley  Blackberry - 6 weeks B litter

Unfortunatelly, two puppies died tragically - 6 months old beautiful and very promising female Blackberry, who was run over by a car and her brother Black Bentley was attacked by an aggressive dog and lost this uneven duel one year later.

Third B-puppy – Blackjack – was exported to the Netherlands, where he produced some beautiful pups with several females.

4th B-puppy - female Bugatti Black Onyx Moravia stayed in our kennel.

Bugatti - 3 months  Bugatti - 7 monthsBugatti

We laid our hopes on her all the more, after all she became the only continuator of her mother´s bloodline. Bugatti didn´t disappoint us at all, she became a beautiful miniature female, who succeeded in passing the Bloodtrack trials, Fox den trials and Club bloodtrack contest, where she even got the title of CACT.

Bugatti with her 1st CACIB cupBugatti just finished the Club dye trials with CACT title Bugatti

Bugatti wasn´t lost in the show filed either - she is Juniorchampion CZ, SK, LUX, Champion SK, WUT-juniorchampion, WUT-champion and even Interchampion. She fulfilled this title at the age of 2,5 years, only 4 months after giving birth to her first litter of 5 puppies (E litter *05/07/2004).

Bugatti with litter E - 1 week  Elegant Design - 5 weeks  E litter

A miniature male became a sire of these puppies, who was imported by us from the well known Canadian kennel „Grandgables“ for his complete non-relativity and mainly for the lack of the high-quality studdogs in the Czech Republic. His name is Grandgables Onyx Obsession (alias Grand) and he is Juniorchampion CZ, SK, Champion SK and passed the Hunting trial of ablilities in the 1st prize.

Grand - 2,5 years  Grand - 2,5 years Grand

A miniature male from this litter of Bugatti and Grand - Exclusive Edition of Onyx Moravia (alias Eda) - has stayed in my kennel. He is already a studdog, Champion SK, Juniorchampion CZ, SK and WUT, 3xCACIB, 8xBOB and passed the Bloodtrack trials in the 1st. prize.

Eda - 3,5 měsíce  Eda - 1 year Eda

Another successful offspring from this E litter is a miniature female Evening Star Onyx Moravia, who became Juniorchampion CZ and SK and passed the Bloodtrack trials. She is a brood bitch in the kennel of MUDr. Eva Kralova „Magic of Morion“.

Stella - 1 year  Stella - 1 year Evening Star

Other offsprings from this litter are Enfant Terrible (CAJC, youthclass winner) and Easy Rider, living  in the Czech Republic and Elegant Design, living in Portugal.

Second Bugatti´s litter (F litter - 3 boys, 2 girls) was born on 25/07/2005 from sire ICh. Grandgables Dream Come True, imported from Canada and living in Hungary.

Boys from litter F - 7 weeks   Girls from litter F - 7 weeks F litter

A very beautiful Femme Fatale Onyx Moravia (alias Fany) stayed in my co-ownership. She became a Juniorchampion SK and a Champion CZ and passed Fox fen trials and a Hunting trial of abilities. She bred a litter of 5 puppies in the "Teriel" kennel from sire Ch. Grandgables Onyx Obsession. The only girl from this litter Bijou-Bijou Teriel is now a brood bitch.
Fany's 2nd litter (L litter*15/05/2009) was born in our kennel and we chose an Austrian red brindle Pannoniadachs Bonsai as a stud. 4 girls were born - 2 red and 2 red brindle.
Fany tragically died as a 4 years old after having been attacked by a fellow dachshund and a border terrier :(
Fortunatelly, we kept her daughter - a very promising red brindle Lucy in the Sky Onyx Moravia.
Worth to mention is that all sisters from this litter L were shown successfully, took part in the trials, became brood bitches and had their puppies:
Lily of the Valley Onyx Moravia in the kennel Magic of Morion
Love of My Life Onyx Moravia in the kennel Onyx Love of My Life
Livin' La Vida Loca Onyx Moravia had her litter N in our kennel - 5 puppies were born from Grandgables Onyx Obsession.   

Fany - 4,5 months Fany Lucy

  L litter

Lucy received multiple amounts of titles in her show career.  She became an International beauty champion, Juniorchampion WUT, CZ, SK, Champion WUT, CZ, SK, Grandchampionk CZ, she passed the bloodtrack trials, bloodtrack trials for hounds, club bloodtrack contest, all in the 1st prize and fox den trials. She won the 1st prize in the Working trial cup of the Czech dachshund breeders club in 2010.
A red kaninchen studdog, Fianna Piccolo Atlas, living in Slovakia was chosen as her husband. He was imported from Hungary and is of a Canadian "Grandgables"  bloodlines. 7 puppies were born in the litter Q on 7.8.2012 - 4 red males, 2 red females and 1 red brindle female. Just this brindle female - Que Sera Sera Onyx Moravia alias Sara - stayed in our kennel.

  Q litter  Sara

But back to Bugatti. We chose a hungarian miniature blackdapple male Kisjeszeni Kingly for Bugatti's 3rd litter (H litter * 08/02/2007) and we were more than happy when 6 puppies, 5 of them dappled, were born (1 dapple boy, 4 dapple girls and 1 black/tan girl).

H litter - 1 week old H litter

Two promising dapple girls stayed in my co-ownership - Honey Bunny Onyx Moravia, who became Champion SK and WUT and Happy Feet Onyx Moravia.
Both of them became brood bitches and had their first puppies in 2009.

Honey Bunny and Happy Feet Onyx Moravia - 14 months old Honey Bunny and Happy Feet Onyx Moravia

Happy Feet's first litter (I litter *27/01/2009) was born from kaninchen stud Draco-Malfoy Pro-Euro. 5 puppies were born - 2 black/tan dapple boys, 2 black/tan dapple girls and 1 black/tan girl. A dapple female from this litter - Indica Snow White Onyx Moravia lives as a brood bitch in the kennel "z Hradu Homolka"

Second Happy's litter O was born on 23.4.2011 from Ch. Grandgables Onyx Obsession. There were again 5 puppies born in the litter - 2 black/tan dapple boys, 2 black/tan boys and 1 black/tan dapple girl.

I litter  O litter

Honey Bunny's first litter (K litter *12/05/2009) was born from chocolate/tan miniature stud living in Austria - Unicum Magic Rainbow. 4 black/tan boys were born in the litter. One male from this litter - Knight Rider Onyx Moravia was a big succcess - he became historically the first miniature smooth dachshund with the Working champion CZ title. He also became the Cahmpion CZ and won the 1st place in the Working trial cup of the Czech dachshunds breeders club in 2012.

K litter  Knight Rider Onyx Moravia

Second Honey Bunny's litter N was born on 28.7.2010 from miniature sire Chic Chambertin Pro-Euro - 1 boy and 1 girl in the black/tan dapple colour. The male was exported to the Spanish kennel "D´Tartasium", the female lives in the kennel "Magic of Morion".

N litter

In her third and last litter R we decided to repeat the mating with Unicum Magic Rainbow. There were 3 puppies (2 boys and 1 girl) in black/tan colour born on 28.4.2013.

R litter     Rhiannon Grace

We chose kaninchen black/tan dapple Gémus von Top-Torm for Bugatti's 4th litter. J litter was born on 12/02/2009 (3 black/tan girls).
I kept very promising Justa Lil' Bita Luck Onyx Moravia in my co-ownership and became a brood bitch in 2011.

 J litter   Justy

All our dachshunds live in our home with us as family members and their puppies are raised with emphasis on their health and correct socialization. Before leaving for their new homes they get a Passport, they are tattoed, dewurmed several times, at least once vaccinated and fed with Artemis granules, which we use for feeding our adult dogs too. For our puppies we choose only such new owners, who take their dogs as family members, and don´t keep them in kennels. We welcome to keep in touch with the new owners even after our puppies are sold.


And now a little bit about the two-legged part of our team :)
The big change for my kennel and my person became in 2010, when I met my husband, also a breeder of smooth miniature dachshunds (kennel "von Sbaritz"). 

We moved to a beautiful and perfect place for the large herd of dachshunds in 2011 - into a house with a large garden neighboured by fields and forests, where our dachshunds feel like a fish in the water.

Another big and beautiful change came on 12.12.2012, when our son František was born.



I give my great thanks to my husband who shares with me the joys and hardships of breeding and helps me with training the dogs, to my parents, who helped me with care of my puppies as well as the adult dogs in the past. Also special thanks to all co-owners of our dogs and owners of our offsprings, who present them at shows and trials and what is the most important - who love their dogs as we do. My dream would never have come true without them.  


Onyx Moravia, 2013